Geometry again

A script, or connected, typeface designed for Another Man, drawn to have the same proportions and weights as Ano. In calling Anoscript anti-analogue, and a typeface of connecting circles and lines, I mean that its geometry gives it a feeling of being rendered or processed by a computer, rather than drawn or written. Hence a connected rather than script typeface. This is emphasised by the vertical, circular un-italicised bowls of the characters a, c. e, g and o, and its monolinear line weight.

So this geometric quality would make Ano impossible, almost, to write. Despite that it does have something of the feel of a handwriting taught in schools. The geometricly simple forms have a suggestion of the precise or pedantic writing of a teacher or learner, though Ano doesn’t have the calligraphic subtleties of these typefaces. Its roundness gives the typeface a softness and human spirit that its technical emphasis can’t quite hide.

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